Motor Vehicle Collisions


Car, truck, bus, bicycle or pedestrian

A motor vehicle collision can dramatically impact your life even if you don't suffer serious physical injuries.  The last thing anyone wants to do after an accident is deal with a hostile insurance company.  At North Hills Legal we can quickly explain your rights and options for such issues as access to medical care, payment of medical bills, being compensated for missed time from work, and repairing or replacing your vehicle. Motor vehicle insurance can seem like a bureaucracy, but we can cut through the red tape so you can focus on recovering. 

Call for a free analysis of your existing motor vehicle insurance policy, and an explanation of Pennsylvania's tort options and optional first party benefits such as UM/UIM, income loss and funeral benefits.

Property Defect Claims

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Slip/trip and falls, code violations, and hidden dangerous conditions

Everyone has heard the phrase "slip and fall" but do you know what that actually means according to the law?  Businesses and property owners owe their visitors a duty of care to ensure that the property is free of hidden defects that could cause harm. Property defects often result in falls, but the key is the defective condition that caused the fall.  Proving the defect is crucial as snow, ice, spills, and other foreign substances can easily be cleaned up after the fact.  At North Hills Legal we'll explain your status on a given property and what duty was owed to you, so you can understand your rights and remedies if you've been injured as a result of a defect on someone else's property.

Insurance Claim Denials

Homeowners, disability claims, health insurance claims

As the former Co-Chair of the Insurance Bad Faith Section of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice, I have experience suing insurance companies directly when they wrongfully deny a claim.  Insurance is intended to be a safety net for when the unexpected happens.  When insurance claims are denied the consequences to the policyholder can be catastrophic. The insurance company has in-house and outside counsel at its disposal.  If your claim gets denied you should have an experienced insurance coverage attorney working for you. 



Experienced appellate advocacy in Pennsylvania's state and federal courts.

Litigation Appeals and Post-Trial Motions