What Does North Hills Legal Charge?

At North Hills Legal we believe in being transparent and up front about what we charge.  What you pay your attorney should not be a mystery.  We handle most cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that the fee earned is a percentage of the recovery made.  You do not pay anything up front, and no recovery means that no fee is owed. A typical contingent fee is 1/3 of the total recovery, but alternative fee arrangements are also available including sliding scale contingent fee agreements based upon the complexity of the case and the length of time it takes to resolve the claim. 

In addition to legal fees, there may also be costs associated with your claim.  Case costs can include expenses associated with conducting an investigation into your claim, as well as court filing fees, expenses to obtain records to support your claim, and expenses to retain experts to assist with your case.  Case costs are separate from any legal fee owed.  North Hills Legal typically pays these case costs up front as an advance so you don't have to spend money out-of-pocket while we are working on your case.  When we win, we ask that and you reimburse these case costs that were necessary to prove your claim.  In the event that we do not make a recovery on your claim, you are not responsible for paying back these expenses.


If you choose North Hills Legal, you will have the opportunity to review a proposed fee and cost reimbursement agreement before deciding to allow us to represent you. 

Hourly fee agreements with retainers and flat-fee agreements are also accepted on certain legal matters.

We welcome all questions regarding attorney's fees and costs.